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The Holy Grail is Orange Fleece

I had a pretty good day today.After getting some business stuff taken care of I was able to take a nap and catch up on some of my sleep. Daniel called and I ended up picking him up from work so that we could go in search of components for Ryan’s Halloween costume. We went [...]

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National Celibacy Day

National Celibacy Day November 2 - - - NO DICK - NO BUSH Pass on this info -- your life may depend on it. Don't forget to VOTE. J

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Bush Relatives for Kerry

Oh, too cool... ;) Go HERE

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Harry Potter Personality Quiz

OK... I rarely do these quizes but this one caught my fancy... View my results...

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Music and video:

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Back in the day…

Wow... I was going through some stuff the other day and found this old picture of myself from 1993, taken at Golden Gate park... just after Chas and I first got together... View Pic...

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Protected: What a difference a day makes…

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Call to action…

The Sinclair Group is planning on airing an anti-Kerry documentary ("Stolen Honor: Wounds that Never Heal") and billing it as "news," and airing it prime time on each of its 62 stations throughout the country. These stations reach over 28% of the American public and the show is expected  to be timed to air shortly [...]

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Memorial for Matthew Shepard

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Well, if you read chas_bogan's journal then you know that it was a night for strange dreams in my house last night. Mine was about alien invasion. Supposedly. Read my silly dream...

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