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A New Poem

My Fevered Dream For DanielIf I could open up my soul A shining light that blinds the sun And in my bliss devour you whole I would, my love I would.Do not be afraid of how For you my black heart burns. A flame so hot it sears the flesh A fevered dream And you [...]

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Chas went out dancing tonight with Daniel. He just called a little bit ago and said that our car got broken into... smashed the window and tore through the glove compartment. We really didn't have anything of value in it. Maybe some CDs. I'm surprised that they didn't take the stereo, though. I'm waiting for [...]

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The Perfect Date

I got home a couple hours ago from the most perfect evening. Went and picked him up at his work and then back to his place for some quality time that included Buffy the Vampire Slayer video gaming, as well as lots of kissing, cuddling, and other forms of bonding hotness. Then out to grab [...]

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Disturbing Dream

My night was filled with strange dreams. Here's one...

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My (not so) Secret F(a)eri(e) Page

After discussing it with other initiates, I have decided to make the information and art that was on my secret Feri page, available to the public. Now, all of my non-oathbound Feri materials can be found on one page: HERE. I had originally wanted it to be a community building tool just for initiates and [...]

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How low will they go?

McCain Condems anti-Kerry Ad

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Protect your right to view Porn

Do you want Cock or Bush?

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