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A mini Vacation…

Chas and I were finally able to take a day for ourselves recently and go out, just the two of us. Read more...

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It’s why I love Jon too

Note to Tom Brokaw

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Website Updated

I have added yet another image to my gallery.

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Unfair and Unbalanced

Common Cause and, among other organizations have launched a campaign to take on Fox for pretending partisan news is "fair and balanced." They have a cool video posted on their site for the new movie Outfoxed: While you're there please take the time to sign the petition to ask the FTC to stop them from [...]

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Website updated

I have added an image to my gallery, as well as added a Feri tradition section that has links to the Feri related materials on my website. (They were previously scattered throughout my site.) I will add to this as time goes on.

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Do we maybe need more coffee??

I feel the kernel of truth in this one... Fatigue

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Signed prints now available

I am now offering signed prints of some of my work. Please visit my online store to check the current selection and for ordering information. Want something you don't see there? Email me and I'll try to work it out for you!

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Support Gay Marriage…

Support equal marriage rights and sign this petition.   The Senate is scheduled to vote the week of July 12! Please also take the time to write and/or call your senators and tell them that you oppose writing discrimination into the Constitution. You can send them a message by clicking here.

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