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Pantheacon and Life in General

Pantheacon was so much fun for Chas and I. This was our first time, and I was a bit nervous since I was participating in a panel, as well as selling some of our art. I am happy to say that the panel went wonderfully, give or take a few technical glitches. I was happy [...]

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Taking a stand

OK... I'm angry. I'll admit that. And disgusted. I'll admit that too. At whom, you might ask? Pretty much at most of the vocal members of what some have called "the online Feri-initiate's community". I'm sure most of you know what I am talking about. Silence... Denial... Sexual abuse... Coercion... just to name a few [...]

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I've been crazy busy. We've been getting ready for Pantheacon lately. Chas and I will be selling some of our art there, and I will also be participating in a discussion panel. Entitled "The White Wand: The Artist in Feri". Along with Anaar, Thorn Coyle, Michelle Jackson, and Sharon Knight, we will discuss the relationship [...]

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