I am excited to announce that once again I will be traveling to Germany to teach Faery/Feri tradition! From August 1-4, 2019, join Anaar, Chas Bogan, and myself as we offer 4 days of magic, food, community, and ritual in the beautiful German countryside. Mark your calendars!

The magic of Feri is varied and strange, beckoning us to seek into the cracks and crevices between the worlds. We search for the Hidden Realm, the spiritual consciousness within all of nature. Enchanted, we are removed from mundane awareness and face the dark mirror of the abyss. We confront our fears to reclaim our stolen power. We then journey back into the center of all things, to put that newly reclaimed power into motion.

Join three experienced teachers of the Anderson Faery (Feri) tradition from the US, as we journey these roads of devotion, folklore, ritual, and art. Where they meet we will call forth the mystical fire, the inner flame of magical power. We will spend four days together in the beautiful German countryside creating art, sharing food, and deepening our magic.

Together we will:

    • Connect to the spirits of the land and learn how to make effective offerings
    • Build the Crossroads and invoke the Guardians to guide our work
    • Journey to the Faery realm of folklore and align with powerful allies
    • Divine secrets from the otherworld and gain powerful insights
    • Create spells and charms to protect and empower
    • Stand between the worlds and ignite our inner flame
    • Conjure the Old Gods of Feri and take our places amongst them


Familiarity with the basic practices of our tradition: Kala, Soul Alignment, Iron & Pearl Pentacles

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