Schedule Update

I've been crazy busy with the store lately, and haven't had any time to update my blog. Well... I don't have time now either... but I did want to let everyone know about my new classes for this quarter. Spring 09 Class Schedule...

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Schedule Update

I will be teaching some new classes this quarter. I just created a new email update list which I will send out every so often with updates to my events schedule. If you would like to join then please send a blank email with "Subscribe" in the subject line to: list@faerywolf.com In the meantime... Winter [...]

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I signed. Have you?

Repeal Prop 8! http://www.couragecampaign.org/page/s/repealprop8

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It has only just begun…

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Triumph Over Marriage Inequality Spell

Several people have offered to assist me with any magical workings that I might be doing to help defeat the oppression of Proposition 8. What follows is a spell that I wrote based on one that I performed along with Chas and a good friend of ours prior to the election. Since the central modality [...]

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The Death of Prop 8

A friend of mine posted this in his Facebook and I thought I would share. It is from the original CA Supreme Court decision from May 08 that struck down the same-sex marriage ban. This will ultimately be Prop 8's undoing. Pay particular attention to the last two paragraphs. "In recognizing, however, that the right [...]

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Vote NO on Prop 8

Even if you have already done so... if you can, please make a donation to help defeat Prop 8.

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Oooh… can’t you just see it?

You will either laugh or cry. http://palinaspresident.com/

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Umm… wow

I knew I mostly agreed with him... but really? You preferred Obama's statements 100% of the time Voting purely on the issues you should vote Obama Who would you vote for if you voted on the issues? Find out now! Well... I already knew how I was going to vote. ;) And while we're talking [...]

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Vote NO on Prop 8!

Marriage equality in California is now losing by 5 points, according to the latest poll numbers, and I'm barely even back from my honeymoon. I just made a donation to fight the bigotry and lies that the right-wing anti-LGBT groups have been spreading. Even if you are not in California, please join me in standing [...]

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