F(a)eri(e) Goddesses of the Primal Elements (4/5)

All hail Verr-Avna, Goddess of the Primal Earth in the North!   "Verr-Avna, The Deep Well of Space" ©2011 Storm Faerywolf The Goddesses of the Primal Elements are unique Underworld forces that serve as an energetic blueprint for the physical elements that we know of in the Middleworld. This strange Goddess is the presence of [...]

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F(a)eri(e) Goddesses of the Elements (3/5)

This is a day later than I had originally intended, but here is my latest piece, "Heva Leviathan Tiamat, The Well of the Watery Abyss" "Heva Leviathan Tiamat, The Well of the Watery Abyss" ©2011 Storm Faerywolf In the Feri tradition, the Goddess of Water is Heva Leviathian Tiamat. She is the primal limitless chaos that precedes life and form. [...]

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Interviewed by Witches of Salem…

For those who are interested, this past Wednesday night I gave an interview about Feri tradition, secrecy in the Craft, and the use and politics of the word 'warlock' to the hilarious Christian Day for his podcast Hex Education. Check it out if you are so inclined. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hexeducation/2011/07/07/feri-tradition-of-witchcraft-with-warlock-storm-faerywolf

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My Response

My apologies to those who are overloaded with Feri drama. If this is you, please feel free to skip this link. I find myself needing to post a rebuttal to some serious allegations that were made against me. Please follow the link if you’d like to know my side of the story. http://www.faerywolf.com/statement.html

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Witch Eye returns…

I posted this elsewhere, but then realized I hadn't done it here, so... We are happy to announce that Witch Eye has returned as an annual publication! We have expanded from 48 to 84 pages, full of art, articles, rituals, and lore about the various practices from different lines of the Feri tradition of witchcraft. [...]

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Feri is…

A couple of new websites have sprung up espousing the face of non-public Feri. While I do not agree with everything that they have said, I support the right of everyone to speak from their heart about what Feri is for them. I have put links to these sites on the links page at FeriTradition.com. [...]

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The F(a)eri(e) Tradition Nonunion Tour (Now in it’s 40th year!)

I am again hearing about a split in the Feri tradition. "Public" vs. "Mystery Tradition" Feri. Since I am one of those at the forefront of Feri in the public eye I can just imagine that this has at least a little to do with the work that I have been doing, namely in providing Feri [...]

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A poem

Opening the Way Sun that shines within my chest illuminates the moon below that calls with lust unto the heavens To seduce the stars and so in rapturous love they fall. Holy star above my head shining down upon my path where grows the tree of tombs and starlight where cross the roads of worldly [...]

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Poem: The Story of Melek Ta’us

The Story of Melek Ta'us 7/22/2010 a poem

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The F(a)eri(e) “Community” (and why I am against it)

It happens every so often; an issue rises to the attention of some Feri initiates that ruffles their feathers and soon people are grabbing torches and pitchforks. It's a pattern. It's predictable. You can practically set your watch by it. Details behind the cut...

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