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Crossroads of Feri, 2019

I am excited to announce that once again I will be traveling to Germany to teach Faery/Feri tradition! From August 1-4, 2019, join Anaar, Chas Bogan, and myself as we offer 4 days of magic, food, community, and ritual in the beautiful German countryside. Mark your calendars! ★ The magic of Feri is varied and [...]

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Back to Earth…

I am now officially back from the New Hampshire  and am happy to report that it was a huge success. I met so many wonderful people and I learned a lot. My classes were well received, even when during my Amethyst Pentacle class I completely blanked out on one of the pathways! Thank goodness for [...]

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Feri Camp Retrospect

I'm back from Feri Death Camp, and while it was a wonderful experience it almost killed me. Well, sorta. Musings on Poetry, Madness, and Death. Feri style...

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