I’ve been participating in Devin Hunter‘s 13 Days of Magic challenge on Facebook and Twitter by posting pics of my spells for the past several days leading up to Halloween! Here’s my entry from Day 7:


Spell To Communicate With The Mighty Dead, Day 7 #13DaysOfMagic

I originally made this for last year’s ritual at the New Orleans Witches’ Ball as a means for the participants to continue their work with the Silver Thread of spirit connection. Each contained a channeled message from the Mighty Dead.

Mighty Dead Spell
You will need:
A small paper adorned with a sigil for the Mighty Dead (you can use the one I created from the letters that spell out ‘Mighty Dead’, below.)
3 Sunflower seeds
A small length of silver thread


Take the paper, adorned with the sigil of the Mighty Dead, turn it over and on the back write out a short message asking for communication with them. Make the act of writing it a prayer from your heart.

Roll it toward yourself, tying it with the silver thread while you chant:

“Ancient witches, Mighty Dead
From you I take the silver thread.”

In a pot of soil, or small hole in the ground, place the rolled paper inside. Take the seeds and breathe three breaths of power over them. Plant them with the rolled paper, saying:

“Flower of the golden sun, 
The seed of life that comes from death
Awakened by the witches breath
Arise! The magic has begun!”

Nurture the seeds into sprouts and eventually a flower. Its petals, leaves, and seeds will be potent in your work with the Mighty Dead. IO Evohe! Blessed be.